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: Protests in Israel During Protective Edge

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This page focuses on events and protests opposing the aggressive Israeli government offensive in Gaza. It supports a political process leading to an effective ceasefire and an end of the siege on Gaza. These events are rarely covered in the mainstream media, and if so, are seen as delusional. We are proud to have covered these events and are posting them on the Social TV website, YouTube, Facebook, cable and satellite television channels (channel 98 + 30), as well as affiliate websites that share the values we promote.

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At the end of the week in which the kidnapping of students Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrah was made known, we joined hundreds of Jews and Arabs from across the country for a cultural and shopping event against racism, which was held in Fureidis. After milling around the many stalls and hummus shops, visitors broke up into various groups to discuss the heightened tensions between Jews and Palestinians in Israel.

Fureidis Against Racism (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

The weekend following the kidnapping of the yeshiva boys, 14.6.2014, hundreds of Jews and Arabs from around the country met for a cultural event and shopping against racism in Fureidis.
עלה ב: 20/06/2014

On 02.07.2014, after the three yeshiva students Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrah were murdered, the Palestian teenager Mohamed Abu Khdeir was abducted and killed. The day after the murder, violent demonstrations were held in Shu'afat in East Jerusalem. At the same time a rally against racism was held in Hatulot Square in West Jerusalem. Listen to a radio interview (in Hebrew) we had on Kol HaShalom.

Jerusalem Syndrome (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

In the wake of the kidnapping of the three yeshiva youths, high ranking Israeli politicians and large numbers of Israeli citizens have made calls for revenge in their speech and on Facebook. Despite fears that a nationalist revenge attack would take place, the shocking brutality of the murder of East Jerusalem Palestinian Mohammed Abu Khbeir in the morning hours after the funeral of Eyal, Naftali, and Gil-Ad threw Jerusalem into a state of upheaval‫.
עלה ב: 10/07/2014

Demolishing the homes of terrorists is a well-known practice, although proven not to be very effective, The IDF announced its intent to demolished the homes of the murderers of Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrah. What about the murderers of Mohamed Abu Khdeir? Of course this option is not being considered. Check out public opinion on this issue.

Home Demolitions (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

Earlier this week Israel’s Shabak announced that it had arrested 6 Jewish Israelis in connection with the aforementioned murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. Three of the six Jewish terrorists have confessed to the crime at the time of filming this episode. A conversation has been sparked in Israel about whether to treat these Jews in the same way Israel treats Palestinian terrorists and demolish their family’s homes. We asked Israelis in central Tel Aviv for their thoughts‫.
עלה ב: 10/07/2014

Following the murder of Mohamed Abu Khdeir, activists and members of the "Tag Meir" Forum organized a condolence visit to the mourning tent of Mohamed Abu Khdeir.

Condolence Visit to Abu Khdeir Family (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

On Tuesday 8/7/2014, 350 Jewish Israelis with the Tag Meir Coalition made a solidarity visit to the Abu Khdeir mourning tent.
עלה ב: 09/07/2014

During “Operation Protective Edge”, we witnessed uniformed incitement emanating from mainstream Israeli media channels. But in the Gaza peripheral communities, other voices were heard. Some there view Hamas as a negotiating partner. They also oppose military attacks on Gaza and see Gazians as people who want to live in peace. Other voices, though absent from the Israeli media coverage, were prominent on Social TV. Residents of Sde Nitzan, Sderot, Nirim, Nativ Ha'asara – “Kol Acher" (another voice) – expressed criticism of the government's aggressive policies and solidarity with the people of Gaza.

The Other Voice From Gaza Envelope (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

While "Operation Protective Edge" commencing Gaza, we went to the Israeli area surrounding to hear the other voices, voices calling for peace and solidarity.
עלה ב: 10/07/2014

At the end of the first week of “Operation Protective Edge”, joint Jewish-Arab rallies against violence and racism were held. In Jaffa, a rally initiated by “Yad B’Yad" with the participation of children and their parents, was held protesting the separation of Jews and Arabs since preschool. A Rally was held in the Arab city of Tira. Their motto was "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies”. Knesset Members, mayors, public figures and the general public took part. Jews and Arabs held a joint action in Wadi Ara under the banner "Neighbors of peace.”

Hand in Hand Against Racism and Incitement (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

A demonstration in Jaffa against Racism and Incitement which was organized by "Hand in Hand" the center for Jewish-Arab education in Israel.
עלה ב: 13/07/2014

(Next two articles available only in hebrew)

עצרת נגד "צוק איתן" בטירה (לדף הכתבה »)

עצרת נגד "צוק איתן" שהתקיימה ביום שבת (12/7/2014) בטירה תחת הססמא: "יהודים וערבים מסרבים להיות אויבים". העצרת הייתה גדושה בקהל רב ובהשתתפות חברי כנסת, ראשי ערים,ואישי ציבור.
הופק ע"י: | עלה ב: 13/07/2014

שכנים של שלום (לדף הכתבה »)

אירוע משותף ליהודים וערבים בואדי ערה, תחת הכותרת "שכנים של שלום"
עלה ב: 13/07/2014

During the first weeks of the war, we produced two versions of the "Social Order” edition.

Social Order [ENG] 9-7-2014 (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

The shocking brutality of the murder of East Jerusalem Palestinian Mohammed Abu Khbeir threw Jerusalem into a state of upheaval. We asked Israelis in central Tel Aviv for their thoughts‫ about demolishing the homes of the Jewish terrorists, Fureidis Against Racism- a Cultural Anti-Racism Day held in the northern coastal Arab Israeli town of Fureidis. Amnesty International has just released a new android app to facilitate discreet, emergency assistance for human rights activist.
עלה ב: 10/07/2014

Social Order 22/07/2014 (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

In this week's edition: War is in full swing, and increasingly other voices are being heard. Demonstrations in Israel and worldwide against the offensive in Gaza. Dahmash – a case study of institutional discrimination against Arabs in Israel. Join the silent protests against the war.
עלה ב: 23/07/2014

The "Peace Square" Initiative of the “Bereaved Families Forum” has taken place every night since 09/07/2014. A tent was set up in Tel Aviv Cinematheque plaza and every night discussions were held and activities calling for reconciliation and peace for the two peoples. On the eve of 15/7, women took ‘center stage’ and talked about the unique impact of war on women and their special role in conflict resolution.

Peace Square (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

"It won't end until we speak". Under this banner, The Parents Circle Families Forum for bereaved Israelis and Palestinians hosted a discussion at the Cinamateque in the center of Tel Aviv.
עלה ב: 23/07/2014

Women, Security and Conflict Resolution (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

what is the role of women in times of conflicts and war? What is being done by women during "Protective Edge" and in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in general? A discussion in the Bereaved Families Forum's Dialogue Tent.
עלה ב: 31/07/2014

Before IDF initiated a ground operation, heavy aerial bombardment was used in the Gaza Strip. Injuries requiring medical treatment was vast and heavy and inflicted a heavy burden on the health services in Gaza. We initiated a Skype call with Mahmoud Daher, the World Health Organization representative in Gaza. Afterwards our reporter Ido Dagan was interviewed (in Hebrew) on “Kol HaShalom”.

Health Services in Gaza (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

While "Operation Protective Edge" commencing Gaza, we talked to Dr. Mr Mahmoud Daher World Health Organization Representative in the Gaza about the condition of the Health Services in Gaza Strip.
עלה ב: 15/07/2014

As the war continued, the mainstream media rarely covered the resistance and protests against violence and racism, although many took place in Israel and worldwide. Here’s a video of voices from the first two weeks of the war and a report from our "Social Order" edition on the weekend protests of 19-20/7.

Opposition to Protective Edge (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

Concentration of events in opposition to the war in recent days. Coverage of other voices, moderates, those who are not usually heard in the Israeli media - about the war in Gaza ("Protective Edge") between the dates 9/7 to 15/7 (2014)
עלה ב: 17/07/2014

Protests Against Protective Edge (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

Israeli street protests against the war increased over the weekend. Dozens were injured and arrested following demonstrations in major cities across the country. This reveals a new trend, a lot more violence than before.
עלה ב: 24/07/2014

During “Operation Protective Edge”, in addition to the regular army, tens of thousands of reservists were mobilized, Unlike past wars and operations, this time almost no draft resisters and conscientious objectors were heard. Coincidentally, the recruitment of Udi Segal, a signatory of last fall’s seniors’ letter, landed in the middle of the war. Udi refused to be drafted and is currently serving time in Prison 6. Here’s Udi’s statement and a rally supporting him when he reported to the induction center.

I Refuse by Udi Segal (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in English » )

Udi Segal, from Kibbutz Tuval in the north, is one of the of the signatories of the new "letter of conscientious objectors 2014". On Monday he is about to 28.7.14 report to the recruiting center and refuse to join the army. Here is his declaration of refusal.
עלה ב: 24/07/2014

Demonstration in Support of Udi Segal (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

Demonstration in support of Udi Segal, on his attendance at the induction center (28/07/2014), with refusers Yonatan Shapira, Noa Levy and Omar Saad. According to Udi: "Especially now,as the media and the government are trying to silence the voices of criticism, it is important to resist, refuse and protest. I'd rather go to jail over participation in the killing, occupation and war crimes". Udi was sentenced to 20 days in incarceration jail 6.

עלה ב: 31/07/2014

The biggest rally against the war was held in Rabin Square on 26/7. The media did not reported it ahead of time, but instead focused on the intention to cancel it. Eventually it took place as planned and thousands took part. MK Dov Khenin, representatives of “Combatants for Peace” and the “Bereaved Families Forum” spoke, along with others.

Demonstration Against the War in Gaza (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

Demonstration against the war "Protective Edge" held in Rabin Square on Saturday, 26.07.2014. Attended by thousands of demonstrators. On stage spoke: MK Dov Hanin, representatives of Combatants for Peace, Bereaved Families Forum and more

עלה ב: 31/07/2014

In order to finance protests across the country, an emergency fund was established, and several peace organizations mounted a campaign to raise funds abroad. Here’s a campaign video produced by Social TV.

Stop The Gaza War! Join Us Now (לדף הכתבה »)

779 Palestinians Killed. 35 Israelis Killed. It has to stop now! An online fundraising campaign in order to support the protesters against the violence in Gaza.
עלה ב: 24/07/2014

In view of the slanted mainstream media coverage of the war, we asked protesters at the rally what they think of the media's role during “Operation Protective Edge”.

The Media Coverage During The War (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

We asked the protesters against the war in Gaza, What is your opinion of Israeli media coverage during the war?
עלה ב: 28/07/2014

During the war, public discourse on social networks was very inflammatory. Following this radicalization, we filmed a discussion of youngsters from both the right and left, religious and secular, Jews and Arabs. They discussed the limits of wartime discourse, when opinions become illegitimate, and individual limitations within all this. (available only with hebrew subtitles)

גבולות השיח הציבורי בזמן מלחמה (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in English » )

מפגש שנערך בעקבות השיח המקצין בחברה הישראלית. בדיון לקחו חלק: ימנים ושמאלנים, חילונים ודתיים, ערבים ויהודים - כאחד לדיון על גבולות השיח בעת מלחמה. מתי דעה הופכת ללא לגיטימית, ומה הכוח שלנו כאנשים פרטיים בתוך זה. האירוע התקיים ב-30/7/2014 במהלך "צוק איתן" במזא"ה 9 ת"א.
הופק ע"י: | עלה ב: 31/07/2014

A demonstration was held in solidarity with the people of Gaza in the city of Lod. Palestinians came from various places in the country. Lod is a mixed city and some even have relatives in Gaza. (available only with hebrew subtitles)

לוד – הפגנת סולידריות עם עזה (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in English » )

העיר לוד הינה עיר מעורבת בעלת אוכלוסיה פלסטינית גדולה, אשר לרבים בה יש מכרים וקרובי משפחה בעזה. השבוע (3/8/2014) במהלך "צוק איתן", נערכה בעיר הפגנת סולידריות עם תושבי עזה. מנגד התקיימה הפגנה של פעילי ימין.
הופק ע"י: | עלה ב: 04/08/2014

Every Friday morning, members of “Yad B’Yad" in Jaffa, children and their parents, protest against the war and against racism. On Friday 8/8, they collected humanitarian aid and donations for Gaza’s residents.  (available only with hebrew subtitles)

סולידאריות עם תושבי עזה ואיסוף תרומות (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in English » )

אירוע סולידאריות עם תושבי עזה, שקיימה קהילת יד ביד, יפו, במהלך "צוק איתן" (8-8-2014). באירוע נאספו מצרכים הומניטריים ותרומות כספיות.
הופק ע"י: | עלה ב: 11/08/2014

Last Saturday, a big rally by the Peace Camp against war and in favor of the peace process was planned. Despite efforts of the organizers, the police decided not to grant them permission to demonstrate. For someone who wanted to know about the demonstration and its goals, the mainstream media would not be the place. But the rally’s cancellation made headlines in most news outlets, and that, in spite the hundreds who had already arrived to protest.

הפגנה נגד המלחמה בעזה [9-8-2014] (לדף הכתבה »)

המשטרה לא העניקה רישיון לעצרת המונים של מחנה השלום שהייתה אמורה להתקיים השבת (9-8-2014). למרות זאת, הגיעו מפגינים לכיכר להביע את מחאתם נגד מדיניות הממשלה. איתם הגיעו לכיכר גם מפגיני ימין שהתעמתו עימם.
עלה ב: 10/08/2014

Every Friday, the "Peace Bus" journey begins in order to visit people living on the border and collect money and medicine for residents of Gaza. They also meet those living in the Gaza peripheral communities, soldiers, and Palestinians – all to promote tolerance, understanding and non-violence.

Peace Bus (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

Since fighting began in the South, every Friday morning a bus with activists aboard shuttles between Israel and Gaza.The stated objectives - to promote the principles of tolerance, understanding and non-violence, and to see what the media hides from us - the true face of "the enemy." Theט visit wounded Gazans, soldiers, bereaved parents, give humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, and talk with the residents of Sderot and the Gaza peripheral communities.
עלה ב: 20/08/2014

Protective Edge was held during the summer, prior to returning to school teachers had to deal with issues such as racism discourse and incitement among students.

Saved by The Siren (לדף הכתבה ») ( Available in Hebrew » )

Protective Edged have been challenging the Israeli educational system, not only regarding the rapid preparation for opening of the school year on September 1, but also in dealing with the high cases of incitement and racism which infected students.
עלה ב: 30/08/2014

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