Saturday, January 19 2019

Support Israel Social TV

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  • Tax-exempt contributions

    Contributions to Israel Social TV
    can be made through the New Israel Fund

    Make checks payable to “New Israel Fund”
    Mark contributions as donor-advised Israel Social TV

    Send to: New Israel FundP.O. Box 91588Washington DC20090-1588USA

    Citibank1000 Vermont Ave NWWashington, DC 20005ABA #254070116ACC# 66796296

    Israel Social TV 501(C) 3 status

  • Secure online donation

    For credit card holders
    through the website

  • Checks

    Make checks payable to "Israel Social TV"
    Send to: Israel Social TVP.O. Box 341, Tel Aviv 61002Israel

  • Direct bank transfers

    Transfer to: Israel Social TVBank Leumi, branch 805Account #: 501203/96TID: LUMIILITSwift code: LUMIILITXXXIBAN: IL94 0108 0500 0005 0120 396

How will we use your money?

We make great efforts to use your support that most directly fulfills our goals and contribute to social change in Israel. Here are a number of examples for current expenses we need:

  • With $25 we will fund an hour of filming or editing.
  • With $90 we will fund a week's search engine ads.
  • With $300 and more we will fund a demonstration's coverage.
  • With $1500 and more we will fund an investigative story.

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