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  1. משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה) 12 בינואר, 2009  בשעה 0:26

    Have you got this website translated into english please?

  2. משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה) 13 בינואר, 2009  בשעה 18:04

    Transcript of video interview with IDF conscientious objectors and active-duty war resisters, from Israel, where forced military conscription (the draft) still exists:

    Noa Kaufman, UTA student, Refused military service in 2002:
    "In 2002 I refused to be inducted into the [Israeli] army. I didn't want to be in any non-combat roles, because I refuse to serve the occupation [of Palestine] in any way. I don't think there is a way to serve in a military the entire purpose of which is to occupy another people. Not even in supposed social roles intended for women. I wanted to join the new refuseniks who refuse to fight in Gaza. I think that the refuseniks' power is tremendous.  We must say that we don't agree to commit these crimes, not in our name.  We will not commit war crimes, we will not bomb children, nor drive people out of their houses."

    Noam Livne, reserve officer, member of Courage to Refuse, a refuseniks movement. He was imprisoned in 2001 for refusing to serve in the occupied territories:
    "Last Saturday I received a reserve notice to show up the following morning for service.  I refused.  I got there and told my commander that I refuse. The military now has to decide what to do with me. I am on hold.  At any moment they can call me for trial. I've already packed a bag at home with books and everything you need to sit in jail."

    Eric Diamant, reserve soldier, member of Courage to Refuse:
    "This week I spoke to my brigade commander. He called to say that there are no [call up] notices yet but 'I wanted to see what your availability is.' I told him that if I am inducted I will probably refuse."

    Racheli Merhav, demonstrator:
    "I am in this protest to give courage to more soldiers and draftees to refuse. I am here to give courage to more mothers and fathers to tell their children who are required to serve in the [Israeli] military by law, to pay attention to what it is that they are called to fight for. "

    David Zonsheine, reserve officer, member of Courage to Refuse. He was imprisoned in 2002 for refusing to serve in the occupied territories:
    "This protest is different in the demographic that came [compared to other anti-war demonstrations in Israel this week]. It is unusual and a little more moderate. And the reserve soldiers who are here along with the others sound a call which speaks to the soldiers who consider their way while more traditional leftist calls appeal to them less.  I call on combat soldiers who are in Gaza today and reserve soldiers around Gaza who are training to go in, that what they have to do is refuse — especially those who feel that they are wrong, who feel that they are making a mistake, who feel that their commitment, loyalty, and will to contribute is being used [by the Israeli right-wing militarists].  I call on them to refuse. Say no. It has a price, not an easy one to pay, especially the personal price, but this is the right thing to do."

    Noa Kaufman:
    "I think that the brainwashing in this country, that begins in kindergarten, works and proves itself especially in a time of war. At 18 you go to the army with the rest of your friends. You are told that you are a hero, there are fundraisers for you, the entire nation is behind you, so yes, people go to the army, but it is a mistake, and at the end, they get it.  It is apparent in the quantity of reserve draft refusers."

    Noam Livne:
    "I hear about more and more people who refuse. They are at different stages: some await trial; some still contemplate their way; I get phone calls about it, and if this war continues, I am sure that there will be more refuseniks."

    Racheli Merhav:
    "You need a lot of courage to step out of line and say 'Sorry, enough, this I don't do, in this I won't participate, this is not being done in my name.' "

    Noam Livne:
    "I was in the military for four years as a combat officer. I was in Gaza.  I was in Lebanon.  I commanded ambushes, I commanded on posts, I fought terrorists, I was hit by mortars, I got shot at, and I did all the scary things you do in the military, and I say this here wholeheartedly: To refuse, I needed more courage. Because in all these things I did in the military, I was surrounded with a group of men that did the same thing, I was in such a herd atmosphere that these things seemed natural. So I say here wholeheartedly that it took me more courage to refuse than to do all of things I did in the military. I call on all soldiers, pilots, officers and anyone else who takes part in this war, to look for that courage inside."

    Racheli Merhav:
    "I think that in the name of the law [of Israel enforcing the draft], soldiers today have to take part in something that they won't be able to bear, if they return from this war alive."

    Machael Sfard, lawyer, expert on international humanitarian law:
    "Intentional shooting and attacks on civilians is illegal and forbidden.  The refusal [to serve] is not merely moral but rather a legal obligation when it comes to illegal commands."

    Johnathan Shapira, reserve pilot, refusenik:
    "I was an operational fighter pilot and captain of Blackhawks.  About five years ago, we wrote The Combatants' Letter, in which we refused to participate in the [Israeli] air force's and IDF's war crimes in the occupied territories.  People tell me things like: 'Empathy or compassion is a civilian word that I leave at home before I go on active duty" and this is how they can bomb a school, they can bomb the Muslim university in Gaza.  I suddenly realized how all kind of horrible things happened throughout history to our people, to other people. Nice and good individuals turn into war criminals of an incredible degree.  It isn't possible to bomb and kill civilians in quantities, and expect that everything will go on as usual and we will go on talking to our friends and families, be somewhat leftist and somewhat rightist, watch Erets Nehederet (sketch tv show) and put the girl to sleep. It won't just go on forever."

    Noam Livne:
    "Proportionally speaking 600 dead in Gaza is like 3,000 dead in Israel.  If there were 3,000 dead in Israel and tens of thousands wounded, what would have happened to the people here?  what kind of hatred would it have sown? what kind of reaction would it have triggered?  Mentally, politically, any way you look at it. What these bombs do is establish years of struggle, years of blood, years of suffering, and eventually all of these rockets fall back at Sderot, and other cities of the south, because it is impossible to build Sderot's security on the suffering of Gaza."

    David Zonsheine:
    "The true courage in society is the courage to object, This courage comes from a very difficult place where everyone says one thing and you do the other, because you alone believe in it.  This is true courage.  And for anyone who thinks that you don't need courage to refuse, I suggest to simply try it, and see what happens."

    translation from the Hebrew by: Ohal Grietzer
    video & edit: Ehud Shem Tov
    transcription provided by Tulsa Peace Fellowship)

  3. דניאל 15 בינואר, 2009  בשעה 13:18

    איזה עיוות של המציאות זה פשוט להגיד "צה"ל הוא צבא כובש שהורג אנשים חפים מפשע"

    חבר'ה, תצאו מהסרט שלכם יש סיבות טובות לזה שצה"ל נמצא בשטחים ונלחם בעזה
    והם הגנה על אזרחי ישראל!!

    ברור ששליטה על עם אחר זה לא אידיאלי ולא יכול להמשך לנצח אבל אנחנו גם לא יכולים לשבת מנגד בשילוב ידיים ולתת למחבלים ולמפגעים להתפוצץ לנו בתוך ת"א.

    זה מאוד קל לעמוד ברחוב ולצעוק ססמאות שטחיות ללא שום מורכבות שגם המשמעות שלהם היא שבירת המסגרת של המדינה.

    לגרום לחיילי צבא ההגנה לישראל לסרב זה ההרס האמיתי של המדינה מכיוון שזה פשוט שובר את אחת המסגרות הכי בסיסיות שמחברות בינינו כחברה.

    אתם רוצים להשפיע על המדיניות, לכו תפגינו מול הכנסת ובבחירות מול המדינאים,
    אל תעשו מצפון לחייל בן 18 שנלחם על הגנת המדינה שלו.

    להגיד שכל המטרה של צה"ל זה להיות צבא כובש זו פרובוקציה חולנית וחסרת אחריות לחלוטין, וזה רק מראה שכל ההפגנה הזאת מעוות ולא קשורה למציאות.

    אם יש איזשהו סיכוי לשינוי תפנית ביחסים עם הפלסטינים, זה יהיה אחרי החלשת החמאס והטרור, ולא תוך כדי..

    אין מה לעשות, זוהי מלחמה צודקת של מדיניות צודקת שבאה להגן על עם ישראל ולמגר את ירי הקאסמים ופעולות הטרור של החמאס והלוואי ששאר צבאות העולם היו מוסריים ובעלי דילמות כמו בצה"ל.

  4. Mosa 17 בינואר, 2009  בשעה 5:37

    Read or listen about how Arab Muslims treated the Jews in their era when they controlled the world
    Here are some of the links that you can listen to by non Arab Muslims who read the history objectively


  5. Ronald L. Waldron 2 ביוני, 2010  בשעה 13:10



    The NON-STATE, NON-COUNTRY, NON-MORAL, NON-ETHICAL, group of international criminals called ZIONIST Israeli's have produced more hate crimes and genocide then any other in history.The sickest part for America, is our government and religious institutions support such atrocities.Will Americans continue to ignor the facts, follow like sheep to slaughter, further burying their heads in the sand like ostriches? OR will Americans force the changes we have been promised for three generations?Will the international community stand up against the coalition of Israel & USA globalized crime bosses?

    How many people have been murdered
    by Israel and its partner in 62 years of
    illegal occupations and manipulations?

  6. עמיש שחם, צפונבוני 11 בנובמבר, 2015  בשעה 7:23

    במדינה דמוקרטית הנמצאת במלחמה עם אוייביה כל קריאה לסרבנות שירות בצבא היתה מכניסה את אומרה לכלא ל-20 שנים ויותר. אלא שאנחנו דמוקרטיה מפוררת על גבול האנרכיזם, שליטה שמאלנית בבתי המשפט ובתקשורת. צריך להחזיר את המדינה והציבור לשפיות ולהתחיל לממש את הדמוקרטיה כלשונה. סרבנים לכלא ל-20 שנים ויותר.

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