October 02, 2014

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Hussan – Against land Expropriation (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 24/09/2014
Coverage The Village of Hussan is one of the villages that will be affected by Israel´s recent decision to expropriate 940 acres of land. On Friday.
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Ronen Bar – The Animal Rights March (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 17/09/2014
Studio Ronen Bar activist for animal rights, invites the public to The Animal Rights March, show of strength against the ongoing repression of the animals.
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almidan 34 Culture     ‏‏3:19

“Quieter Days” (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 16/09/2014
Story The play "Oved Shabbat" (“Quieter Days”) tells the love story between a Jewish woman and a Palestinian man.
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To Label or not to Label (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 10/09/2014
Story do we really know what's in the food or how it was made? Recently, a discussion was held in the Knesset on whether to label products as 'genetically modified'.
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militarism-women 540 Social     ‏6:53

Equality in The Army? (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 03/09/2014
Story Does the integration of women in combat and commanding roles in the military promote a feminist agenda?
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Saved by The Siren (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 30/08/2014
Story Protective Edged have been challenging the Israeli educational system in dealing with the high cases of incitement and racism which infected students.
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peac-bus2 162 Politics     ‏16:02

Peace Bus (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 20/08/2014
Story Since fighting began in the South, every Friday morning a bus with activists aboard shuttles between Israel and Gaza
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Sequence 01.Still001 231 Politics     ‏4:51

Peace Organizations Rally (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 17/08/2014
Coverage A peace rally against the war in Gaza which was held in Rabin Square in in the 16-8-2014 .
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povery-eng 272 Social     ‏7:24

Supertanker Against Poverty (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 13/08/2014
Story 8 billion NIS, this is the amount the Committee for Combating Poverty recommended. it seems that "Protective Edge", will push aside their implementation.
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humantrian-gaza 160 Politics     ‏2:24

Humanitarian Aid for Gaza (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 11/08/2014
Coverage A solidarity event for the people of Gaza held by Hand in Hand community in Jaffa. During Protective Edge, 8-8-2014.
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gaza-lod 150 Politics     ‏3:22

Lod in Solidarity with Gaza (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 05/08/2014
Story Lod is a mixed city with a large Palestinian popolation, during "Protective Edge" war a demonstration of solidarity with Gaza took place .
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slaves-eng 682 Social     ‏5:16

Slaves in Ma'ale Adumim (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 03/08/2014
Story How Ma'ale Adumim police cooperates with employers in the Industrial Area, to violate the rights of Palestinian workers.
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