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holot Culture     ‏7:57

From "Holot" to The Front Of The Stage (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 23/07/2015
Story Israelis and asylum seekers are trying to reflect the reality of life, that Israeli society, through its legal system, pushed far from the center, to the desert
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eli yosef Politics     ‏4:00

Nation Shall not Lift Up Sword (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 20/07/2015
Story Activists from the Right and the Left wings recently came out decisively against arms exports from Israel to South Sudan.
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mishal-rehov-neshek Social     ‏1:51

Is there a need for armed security guards? (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 17/07/2015
Story We went to ask whether armed guards should be in schools, and what the risks involved.
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nitzani-shalom Social     ‏2:52

Jordanian labor laws in Nitzanei Shalom (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 17/07/2015
Coverage The National Labor Court discussed in 14/7, in their appeal of 3 Palestinian workers who were laid off without severance pay and without rights.
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vehadart Social     ‏3:01

Honor The Elderly (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 13/07/2015
Story Thousands of elderly suffering from solitude are being helped by young people doing their National Service, as part of project "Vehedarta".
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headspace Social     ‏3:54

Headspace Bat Yam opening event (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 10/07/2015
Coverage The first center in the country that provides assistance and emotional support for young people.
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gas-shiri Social     ‏2:55

What do you know about the gas deal? (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 10/07/2015
Story Following the decision of the government to promote the gas deal, we went to ask the citizens on the street - Who owns the natural gas?
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gaza-flotia Politics     ‏3:20

Is there a siege on Gaza? (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 01/07/2015
Story The day before the military takeover of the flotilla ship to Gaza , we went to ask the public whether they thought there Siege.
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2-1-state Politics     ‏4:59

"Two States, One Homeland" (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 30/06/2015
Coverage 2 states or 1 state - Are those the only options for a political solution? A new peace initiative tries to shake up the existing discourse.
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attir-umm-alhiran Politics     ‏2:54

A demo in Attir Umm Alhiran (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 25/06/2015
Coverage Dozens of people took to Be'er Sheva in protest against the government's decision to uproot 1,000 residents from their homes in Attir Umm Alhiran.
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har Culture     ‏5:34

Leadership or Death (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 22/06/2015
Story The play "Mountain. A Trilogy" - examines the nature of military and political leadership, and directs difficult questions towards the Israeli society.
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osot-seder Politics     ‏23:52

Women Making Order – Weapon Export (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 18/06/2015
Studio Women Making Order - a monthly panel of Israel Social TV that deals with women, militarism and peace... The program hosted by Tammi Molad Hayo
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