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Hyde Park in Levinsky Park (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 24/08/2015
Coverage In order to create an alternative discourse to hatred, and to address the divide and rule policy, gathered in Levinsky Park in south Tel Aviv residents, asylum seekers and migrant workers, for the first of its kind Hyde Park. Although given the stage, active residents of "Liberation Front of South Tel Aviv" chose to disrupt the Hyde Park. The event was initiated by the "Power of community" and the "Salame Square "on July 31, 2015.
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women wage peace Politics     ‏3:03

Fasting for peace (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 15/08/2015
Coverage The "Women Wage Peace" movement launched a protest fast marking the anniversary of Operation Protective Edge in a tent outside the PM's residence
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From Abuse to Creation (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 13/08/2015
Story "Sky come out" is an illustrated children's book, that enables parents, educators and therapists to detect sexual assaults of boys and girls.
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1111 Social     ‏7:16

Invisible Disabilities, Invisible People (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 11/08/2015
Story Mentally disabled, whos disabilities are not visable, struggle to live off a basic disability allowance, that doesn't enable them to live decently.
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issawiya Politics     ‏4:45

Green settlement Issawiya (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 07/08/2015
Story On the village land reserves, the municipality plans to build a national park, instead of building schools and infrastructure that would benefit the residents.
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susya Politics     ‏3:11

Fighting for Susya (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 06/08/2015
Coverage Susya village residents and activists attended a huge demonstration (07/24/2015) The Civil Administration's intention to destroy the village.
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hahlon Environment     ‏2:38

Say no to Moshe Kahlon (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 30/07/2015
Coverage A demonstration against the gas deal that held in Tel Aviv (25.7.2015)
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We Are All Their Voice (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 28/07/2015
Coverage A joint Jewish-Arab animal rights march, which took place in Haifa, 24.7.2015.
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Women Making Order – Security weapons (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 27/07/2015
Studio Women Making Order - a monthly panel of Israel Social TV that deals with women, militarism and peace. This program deals with armed security guards in schools
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rabana Social     ‏3:45

The Rabbinate Monopoly (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 23/07/2015
Story What is your opinion about the monopoly of The rabbinate on the Israeli kashrut?
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holot Culture     ‏7:57

From "Holot" to The Front Of The Stage (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 23/07/2015
Story Israelis and asylum seekers are trying to reflect the reality of life, that Israeli society, through its legal system, pushed far from the center, to the desert
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eli yosef Politics     ‏4:00

Nation Shall not Lift Up Sword (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 20/07/2015
Story Activists from the Right and the Left wings recently came out decisively against arms exports from Israel to South Sudan.
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