April 16, 2014

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yasse-shalom 52 Politics     ‏2:35

They Shall Make Peace (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 08/04/2014
Story A special plenary session convened by the opposition following the failure of negotiations. Language: , Subtitles: 
seder100eng 77 Social     ‏15:40

Social Order 1/4/2014 (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 02/04/2014
Studio Land Day in Jaffa. Lecturers’ struggle in public colleges. Ceasing to be silent in the face of rape. Women post statuses. Peace Walk - walking for agreement. Language: , Subtitles: 
status eng 36 Culture     ‏2:02

Women Raising the Status (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 02/04/2014
Story A group exhibition, which gives new meaning to public space, following the rise of social networking. It echoes the social change in writing style and content. Language: , Subtitles: 
sexual assult dem 27 Social     ‏1:47

Ending the Silence (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 02/04/2014
Story A “Break the Silence" demonstration was held Saturday evening in Tel Aviv demanding the creation of a social safe space from sexual violence against women. Language: , Subtitles: 
lecturers eng 38 Social     ‏3:08

Adjunct Professors (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 02/04/2014
Story Most lecturers in public colleges in Israel are "external lecturers". After months of negotiations, lecturers 3 Colleges declared a labor dispute. Language: , Subtitles: 
pappe 110 Politics     ‏2:10

Ongoing Nakba (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 02/04/2014
Coverage The highlight of Land Day activities in Jaffa was a lecture by Prof. Ilan Pappe on the ongoing Nakba and the ‘one democratic state’ solution. Language: , Subtitles: 
land day 63 Social     ‏1:27

Land Day 38 (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 02/04/2014
Studio On Sunday, march 30th was the 38th Land day, and here are some recent data for 2013 Language: , Subtitles: 
peace walk 43 Politics     ‏3:37

Peace Walk (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 02/04/2014
Story Unlike previous marches held under the campaign “Millions in favor of an agreement“, last Friday Israelis and Palestinians walked together in Tel Aviv’s port. Language: , Subtitles: 
demo-tlv 66 Social     ‏3:16

Social Justice Respone (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 30/03/2014
Coverage A demonstration for social justice in Rabin Square, 22/3/2014. Language: , Subtitles: 
seder eng 3 173 Social     ‏14:16

Social Order [ENG] 27-03-2014 (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 28/03/2014
Studio Bibi's coalition government brought 3 controversial bills in a package deal for votes: the Governability Law, the Referendum Law, and the Haredi Draft Bill. Language: , Subtitles: 
explotation-eng 100 Social     ‏1:39

Routine Exploitation (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 19/03/2014
Story Tens of thousands of asylum seekers are exploited by Israeli employers, while the state disclaims responsibility. Language: , Subtitles: 
lesson-eng 107 Social     ‏1:24

Lesson in Racisim (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 19/03/2014
Studio According to a new survey initiated by the Task Force on Racism 20 percent of the public believes that the government encourages racism. Language: , Subtitles: 
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