July 29, 2014

Found 392 Articles that have been produced by Israel Social TV

dahmash eng 24 Social     ‏6:34

Demolition threat in Dahmash (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 28/07/2014
Story Dahmash village is under threat of demolition and removal, because the land is designated for agricultural and not for residential use.
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I-refuse 304 Social     ‏4:08

I Refuse by Udi Segal (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 24/07/2014
Story Udi Segal, one of the signatories of the new "letter of conscientious objectors".He is about to report to the recruiting center and refuse to join the army.
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peace-squer 304 Politics     ‏4:19

Peace Square (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 23/07/2014
Story "It won't end until we speak". Under this banner, The Parents Circle Families Forum for bereaved Israelis and Palestinians hosted a discussion in Tel Aviv.
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jermey 257 Social     ‏20:36

Social Order [ENG] 22/7/2014 (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 22/07/2014
Studio Health Services in Gaza, The Other Perspective from Netiv HaAsara and Nirim, A demo in Jaffa against Racism and Incitement, discussion with bereaved families.
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other-vocies-war 991 Politics     ‏4:38

Opposition to Protective Edge (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 17/07/2014
Story Concentration of events in opposition to the war in recent days. Coverage of other voices, moderates, those who are not usually heard in the Israeli media
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gaza-health 283 Politics     ‏‏4:49

Health Services in Gaza (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 15/07/2014
Story We talked to Dr. Mr Mahmoud Daher World Health Organization Representative in the Gaza about the condition of the Health Services in Gaza Strip.
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uriel-ferra 235 Social     ‏2:24

Demonstration For Uriel Ferera (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 13/07/2014
Story Demonstration for Uriel Ferera, an Ultra-Orthodox refuser, who refuse to join the army and take part in the occupation.
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himnon-engs 250 Politics     ‏2:10

A New National Anthem (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 13/07/2014
Coverage The Israel's National Anthem was sung at the end of a demo in Tira Words of the anthem were replaced with words that celebrated human rights and equality.
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yadbyad 375 Social     ‏3:30

Hand in Hand Against Racism and Incitement (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 13/07/2014
Story A demonstration in Jaffa against Racism and Incitement which was organized by "Hand in Hand" the center for Jewish-Arab education in Israel.
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hakol-aza 7,870 Politics     ‏3:54

The Other Voice From Gaza Envelope (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 10/07/2014
Story While "Operation Protective Edge" commencing Gaza, we went to the Israeli area surrounding to hear the other voices, voices calling for peace and solidarity.
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social order eng 7 1,009 Social     ‏18:44

Social Order [ENG] 9-7-2014 (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 10/07/2014
Studio Jerusalem Syndrome- Jerusalem in a state of upheaval, ‫Home Demolitions, Fureidis Against Racism, Amnesty's emergency App.
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amnsty 73 Social     ‏3:51

Help I'm Being Arrested (Video Article)  

Uploaded: 10/07/2014
Story Amnesty International has just released a new android application to facilitate discreet, emergency assistance from your chosen contacts in the event of arrest.
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