March 28, 2015
tombs Social     ‏3:34

Monument to future victims

Coverage "We do not want you here"
osot1 Social     ‏18:19

Women Making Order

Studio A monthly panel on with women, militarism and peace
nashim-osot-shalom Social     ‏6:48

Women Wage Peace

Coverage speech of "Women Wage Peace"
sapir Social     ‏2:19

Dr. Sapir Handelman – People make peace

Studio People make peace
Ethiopians Social     ‏2:35

Ethiopian community Elections Panel

Coverage In an Elections panel organized by the
ali-tult Social     ‏2:47

Ali Tult – Works Contractor

Studio Ali Tult, a contract cleaning employee
rivka Social     ‏1:57

Rivka Vitenberg – Works Contractor

Studio Rivka Vitenberg, a contract cleaning employee
qalndia Politics     ‏2:02

Breaking Walls

Coverage Voices from the Israeli side of the
mabsuta Social     ‏2:50


Coverage Mabsuta-Between Abirim and Fassuta
tents2015 Social     ‏2:26

The protest came back?

Coverage The Housing protest returns to the streets
demo-haaretz Social     ‏2:42

Israel democracy conference

Coverage Israel democracy conference - haaretz
orli Social     ‏3:21

Housing, poverty and direct employment

Coverage 2015 Election Panel
laqia Social     ‏3:28

Laqiya – Desert Embroidery

Coverage Meeting with Hissin El-Sana-Laqiya
Clipboard01 Social     ‏1:39

Democratic elections?

Coverage Is it democratic elections?
demo-haaretz Social     ‏7:50

Israel Democracy Conference Extended

Coverage Israel democracy conference - Haaretz
yad-byad Social     ‏2:38

The struggle to bilingual school

Coverage bilingual school in Jaffa
a-tur Politics     ‏3:17

Demonstration against children arrests

Coverage arrests in A-Tur
eitaneng Social     ‏3:06

Eitan Bronstein – Voting in elections

Studio oppositional politics as tool to influence government
social-order-118-eng Social     ‏17:17

Social Order 4/2/2015

Studio Social TV's social order magazin
sec-women Social     ‏2:06

Women, Housing & Security

Coverage Examining levels of women's feelings of security
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